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Electrical Projects

TOS Arabia is capable to deal with the implementation of all types of electrical & electromechanical projects with our standard procedures as per the following key steps for construction and maintenance projects.

• Quantity Survey
• Project Execution
• Project Coordination
• Construction Supervision
• Quality & Safety Control
• Reporting System

Electrical works include the installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems simplified as follows:

• Substation, Transformers, Switchgears Installation
• HV/MV/LV Substations installation
• Overhead Power Distribution
• Underground Power Distribution
• Underground Cable Laying
• Cable Pulling, Termination, Splicing
• Building electrical installations (Power and Lighting).
• Outdoor & Perimeter Lighting
• Buried Cable Trenching
• Fire Protection/Detection Systems
• Security Control Systems
• Conduit and cable tray installation

We are currently providing our services to Saudi Electricity Company for installation of new substations and up gradation of old ones as per the following scope:

• Complete erection & installation of cable Ladders, trays and supporting systems
• Laying, dressing, glanding and termination of LV Power & Control cables. Laying of HV 2000 mm2 Cable.
• Assemble and Installation of protection, annunciation, RTCC, ABTS, communication and SCADA panels.
• Installation of 115kV disconnect switches, CVT including junction boxes, protection relays,
• Installation, alignment and coupling of 13.8kv SWGR including feeder panels for bus.
• Installation, Modification and relocation of ACDB, DCDB including lying, dressing and termination of new cables.
• Installation of 108kv surge arrestors’ 115kv CVT’s and ACCR droppers, modification, relocation of the PLC, Pilot, SCADA, RTU, IFCs, SOE and annunciation panels.
• Protection modification in 230/380kv control room installation of Diff Relay, RFE, LOR and signaling relays, support for stability testing.
• Installation of 750KVA transformer, CT’s installation and replacement, Oil draining and refilling, oil treatment.
• Installation of oil circuit breaker, replacement of CT’s, Dismantle porcelain bushing, Installation of new CT’s and functional test of the CT’s.
• Erection of 115 KV GIS, 380 KV GIS, LCC, GIB
• Installation of 500 MVA, 67 MVA & 57 MVA Transformers & Auxiliary Transformers
• Erection of 13.8 KV Switchgear
• Erection of Capacitor Bank, Reactor, Battery Bank, Battery Charger

What we do ?

Our expertise is emphasized with quality and safety construction methods that focused in the industries of the below areas;

  • Electrical Projects
  • Telecom Projects
  • Mechanical Projects
  • Human Resources (Technical Manpower Supply)
  • Tools / Equipment & Material Supply

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